Course curriculum

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    Why Homeschool

    • Basis for Homeschool

    • Philosophy of Education

    • Real Stories

    • Q&A: Our child is begging to go to "real school", what do we do?

    • Q&A: How can I undo the damage done by the traditional school system? How do we get started if our child has a bad taste for school?

  • 3

    Reading & Books

    • Power of Books

    • Reading

    • Q&A: What are one or two of your favorite books to read to your children?

  • 4


    • Power of Media

    • Panel Discussion: Media

    • Q&A: How do you differentiate screen use for kids and adults?

  • 5


    • Power of Nature

    • Interview: Coldwater Foundation

  • 6


    • Teaching History

    • History and Worldview

    • Q&A: Do you read history aloud to your children or do you have them read it on their own? Do you have them read alone everyday?

  • 7

    Curriculum and a Typical Day

    • Curriculum

    • A Typical Day

  • 8


    • All About Nutrition

    • Living it Out

    • Cooking Video: Yummy Gluten and Casein Free Snacks

    • Cooking Video: Salad as a Meal

    • Cooking Video: Weekly Produce Preparation

    • Cooking Video: Sprouted Buckwheat Granola

    • Cooking Video: Simple Healthy Oat Granola

  • 9

    High School and College Prep

    • High School at Home

    • College Prep

    • Panel Discussion: Writing

    • Q&A: Alternative pursuits besides college

    • Panel Discussion: Advice as children grow

    • Q&A: Handling transitions with older and younger children